Monday, 27 June 2011

New Playing Cards Ready.

Hi, the playing cards are now available in the members area. There are 52 animal cards in total and you can print off as many as you need.  They're ideal for Snap! and playing memory games and for anything else you can think up to play with them!

Also uploaded are the new Camel and Fly masks now making a grand total of 52 animal masks to make and play with!

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Up and Running!

The website and blog is now up and running! It's taken seven months of burning midnight oil to get the site ready. The first big book of masks is the animal edition which consists of 50 different animal masks for children to make and create.

We've got all sorts of fun and exciting animal masks such as a printable lion mask printable tiger mask printable monkey mask and even a printable octopus mask!

The next book will be available in a few months and will be the Halloween edition featuring Spooks, Monsters and Robots and whatever else I can think up!

Masketeers will be an ongoing project and I'll be using this blog to update you on our monthly freebies that everyone who purchases the book will get. For a one time fee of $20 you'll get updates for as long as you like. Our freebie this month is the Masketeers reward chart with animal stickers to print out!

Next month you'll be getting some animal playing cards. These can be used for playing snap, memory games or anything else you can think of!